Journey to Jesus

The purpose of this life is knowing God.

God made humanity for his pleasure, and it was always supposed to be a mutual relationship.  We messed it up, on our end.  So now the whole point of our lives is finding God – being reconciled to him in relationship.  If we miss this, we miss the entire point of our existence.  Nothing else we accomplish matters if we don’t get this right.

Finding God is a process.  

It doesn’t happen overnight, nor is there a magical formula.  We seek Him, and we will find Him, IF we seek Him with all our heart.  That means we don’t give up.  We press on and search as we would for a lost child, for our entire lives if necessary.  He’s that worth it.  And He wants to be found.  But He wants to be found by people who are willing to give their all to pursue Him.

I write my story because I can’t be the only one who has gone through this.  Believing in my head, but not having assurance in my heart.  Struggling with doubt – not doubt of the truth, but doubt of my own salvation.  Being told by others – just resist the devil and stand on the promises of the Bible!  But then nagging doubt remains.  

Examining yourself to see if you are in the faith is a biblical concept.  Examining yourself is an act of obedience!  So if you have momentary doubt, but then find that you are in the faith, that is “passing the test”.  I did not used to “pass the test”.  When I examined my heart, I knew something was wrong.

If this is you, you know it.  God’s Holy Spirit has led you here.  His job is to confirm within your spirit that you are indeed a child of God – and He is good at His job.  If you have doubt, God wants to to press on until you find Him and He gives you assurance, no matter what others say!

So I write my story for you, that one day we will be able to joyously celebrate together in God’s glorious heaven.

My updated journey – I Believe, Help My Unbelief!

This is what I wrestled with on my journey:

  1. first version My Journey to Finding Jesus
  2. The How To’s of the Good News – What Must I Do To Be Saved?
  3. You Are Loved
  4. It’s All About Jesus
  5. Salvation is Just the Starting Point
  6. What are the Characteristics of Saving Faith?
  7. Am I Good Soil?  The Parable of the Sower
  8. Is it Possible to be a “Casual Christian”?
  9. Do you Know Jesus, or know ABOUT Him?

I just discovered that there is a book about this!  I haven’t read it yet, but it seems like something that might have really helped me!  Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart

PLEASE, God is calling you.  He LOVES you.  He WANTS you in His family.

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