Homeschooling Journey

We didn’t set out planning to homeschool.  It just kind of evolved from the situations we found ourselves in.  However, the further we get into this adventure, the more I appreciate it!

Homeschooling Benefits:

  • Is an excellent way to bond with your children
  • Instead of losing them to “peer orientation”, you are able to pass down your values and worldview.
  • Homeschoolers generally perform better in all aspects of academia and social skills than their public schooled counterparts [see this Fraser Institute Paper on Canadian Homeschooling]
  • The child-to-teacher ratio is very low, individual attention is high
  • Children get MUCH more time to play and explore their interests
  • Busywork can be eliminated, focusing on what you and the child deem important to learn instead
  • Nothing “falls through the cracks” – you know exactly what your child’s strengths and weakness are and can tailor learning and help appropriately
  • You get to learn along with your child

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