Frugal Living Basics – Feeling Thrifty!

Before we delve into the engrossing details of some more obscure frugal tips, we may as well lay out the basics.  Much of what results in keeping $$ in your pocket as well as saving the planet can be boiled down to the 4 R's you learned in school: Reduce - the amout of stuff … Continue reading Frugal Living Basics – Feeling Thrifty!

Appliances – Reduce Use and Maintain Regularly

We have already discussed turning off and unplugging appliances when not in use to reduce energy consumption.  This also preserves the life of the appliance by not contributing to its' aging when not being actively used.  So, other than turning if off and/or unplugging it: Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance.  Regularly maintaining your appliances … Continue reading Appliances – Reduce Use and Maintain Regularly