Conflict Resolution Skills Chart

In our homeschool we also are tracking development of conflict resolution skills.  I have made a progress chart in MS Excel, but the formatting doesn’t come across correctly here so I will list the points we track for E – Emerging, R – Refining, M – Mastery.

Listen more, talk less.  It helps you understand the other person’s point of view.
Ask when you want something.  Making demands only makes things worse.
Focus on the problem, not the person.  It’s the only way to solve a disagreement.
Always deal with the problem at hand.  Never bring up old issues or resentments.
Take responsibility for your part in the conflict.  Your view may not be completely correct either.
Express your feelings without blaming the other person.
Always talk things out.  Never use physical force to express your anger.
Choose your words carefully.  Once a word is spoken it cannot be taken back.
Look for a solution that is agreeable to both parties.  If one person isn’t satisfied, the problem isn’t solved.
Step back and put the problem into perspective.  A problem you have today may not seem so bad tomorrow.



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