The Convicted Mama


I have a number of passions that I would like to share (see the above menu bar), but above all is my relationship with Jesus.  I try to follow Him as best I can, and have prayed to be convicted of anything in my life that isn’t in alignment with His desires.  Not because I think this earns me salvation or answered prayers, but because I truly love Him and don’t want to hurt His heart!  I want my life to be a pleasing aroma  – a fragrant offering – to God.

It all started when I prayed for conviction in April, 2014:

“Jesus, I want to serve you as my Savior and Lord. Please have your Holy Spirit convict every thought, word, and deed that does not align with Your Word.  Sharpen my conscience.  Make me like Daniel, above reproach.”

Well, at least I thought it started with that prayer.  God eventually pointed out that, though I meant well, I had the wrong focus.   I was focused on my actions – I wanted to be more patient, more loving, more kind, so I would feel better about myself.  So that I would be a better person for my family.  I thought this would also please God and help me feel closer to Him.  God patiently led me to realize that relationship with Him is about the HEART first and foremost.  (Turns out, that’s how it works best with our kids, too!)

God works on our hearts, not our behaviors.

Turns out I was a lost sheep that had to return to the flock before moving forwards in becoming more Christ-like.  I really struggled hard with assurance of salvation, for decades.  (You can read more about THAT by clicking HERE).

I would love to have you come alongside me.  Not that I am anyone significant. But that is exactly the point.  I am  average.  Plain.

I am learning to care less about what others think of me, and more about what God thinks of me.   God is chiseling me bit by (sometimes painful) bit, as he forms me into the image of His Son.  He wants me to learn to love Him as my closest friend, with all my heart, with all my mind, with all my soul, and with all my strength.  And to share this love with everyone around me.

He wants this for you, too.

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About Me –  I’m a homeschooling mama to 2 children.  Through them I discovered attachment parenting, and then later, aware / gentle parenting.  We are learning to apply God’s grace in family life together.  I’ve been married for…quite a while now!  That places me somewhere between not-very-young and still-young-enough  🙂  I don’t have all the answers, but I’m committed to continually growing in my faith in Jesus and in my understanding of His Word.  Here is the story of my Journey to Finding Christ.


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